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    ConvertU2 Technologies are the developers of the only 'Silver Bullet' technology for migrating Microsoft Access data and/or applications to Microsoft SQL 2008/2012
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How to Buy

CU2 Global markets 2SQL through a growing network of accredited Business Partners, in a number of Countries, as well as directly. If you would like to establish contact with either CU2 Global or one of our Partners, please email us at info@cu2global.com and we will direct your enquiry through to the appropriate Partner or service directly. Similarly, if you are a Company with an interest in becoming a Business Partner, please email us and we will work with you to establish a 2SQL business relationship.

2SQL is a product that has worldwide application, for which reason we have geared our Business Model to suit businesses of all types and sizes. We have used the Internet to make it a simple process to evaluate the product through the 2SQL Detective to scan and size small, medium and large conversion projects.

There are two alternative methods by which 2SQL is licenced for a project:

  1. By calculating the total number of Conversion Issues required for the repair of a particular Access to SQL conversion project, or
  2. By offering an annual Enterprise Licence fee for 2SQL where conversion projects are very large and it is impractical to accurately derive a Conversion Issue count for price calculation purposes.

A Conversion Issue is a scan-detected Conversion Category issue identified by the Detective, which also details the issue’s relative degree of difficulty in finding and completing its repair manually.

A.  Purchase of calculated Conversion Issue units

This works on an ‘account’ principle because there can be a large number of conversion issues when converting Access databases to SQL, and these in turn range from being very simple to very complex to repair manually.There are two different methods that can be used to calculate the number of Conversion Issues required:

  1. If there is only a small number of databases to be converted, by running the 2SQL Detective over all of the Access applications to scan for a complete list of Conversion Issues required to convert all of the Access databases, or
  2. If there are a significant number of databases to be converted, select a small but representative sample of the various sizes and types of Access databases to be converted, scan and total the number of required conversion issues to derive an average per database. Multiply the average number of Conversion Issues by the total number of databases to be converted to derive the total Conversion Issues units required for the project.

If the project is estimated to require, say, 7,250 Conversion Issues, you will need to purchase 8,000 units and these will be ‘credited’ to your account in 2SQL. As the conversion project progresses, Conversion Issue units used are deducted from the balance until the project is completed. During a project, if the Conversion Issue balance runs too low or runs out, you may acquire more Conversion Issue units for the same block price at which the original units were purchased.

B. Purchase of annual Enterprise Licence for 2SQL

In contrast to the Conversion Issues approach, this annual pricing model relates to major in-house conversion projects and allows conversion of a completely unlimited number of Access databases across the Enterprise over a 12 month period.

Consulting Services

In addition to the 2SQL technology program both our Business Partners and CU2 Global provide the following services:

  • Pre-sales analysis of several typical Access Databases to help size the project as an alternative to your accessing 2SQL via the Internet to download the software to conduct your own scans.
  • Initial coaching on how to use the system, including explanation of the reports produced by 2SQL relating to the types of Issues repaired.
  • Consulting services to complete the ‘Clean-up’ administration and other tidy-up work to finalise the conversion; provision of Quality Assurance advice on the completed project; and project management.

Most Access to SQL conversion projects using 2SQL are completed in a matter of weeks.  The software routinely completes the full conversion work automation load in hours and, with ongoing refinements to the product, the ‘cleanup’ work post-software conversion is continuing to reduce.  Empirical experience is indicating that 2SQL is now achieving in excess of a 95% level of automated conversion in projects that are quite large and complex.

For less complex Access conversions you only pay for the work 2SQL does

Watch it convert the most complex applications