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    ConvertU2 Technologies are the developers of the only 'Silver Bullet' technology for migrating Microsoft Access data and/or applications to Microsoft SQL 2008/2012
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Self Drive Evaluation Software

2SQL  - Demonstration Software Licence Offer

CU2 Global appreciates that many potential users of 2SQL would want to see the program working on one of their databases before they purchase a licence for 2SQL.

Unlike other software products, 2SQL is not needed once a customer’s conversion projects are complete, so 30 or 60 day trials providing complete functionality are not appropriate for 2SQL.

In lieu of this, CU2 Global provides the following types of demonstration software licencing:

  1. The 2SQL MSO Inspector and Detective are provided free of charge by CU2 Global for organisation’s to audit, scan and report on a limited number of databases and the conversion issues within these databases. Please note that there is a limit to the number of databases that can be scanned.
  2. Microsoft’s Public Domain Northwind Access 2003 database is recognised by the 2SQL software and can be converted and migrated to SQL Server for free by any organisation. This database must be downloaded from CU2 Global as the database has a cryptographic key incorporated into it so that the software can identify it as a non-chargeable conversion. The Northwind database can be downloaded from http://www.convertu2.com/downloads/Northwind_CU2.zip

Conditions for a free software licence of  the 2SQL Genie:-

  1. It is highly recommended that organisations seeking a demonstration software licence of  2SQL  become familiar with all sources of technical documentation about 2SQL. 2SQL produces extremely high levels or conversion automation, in excess of 95%, but doesn’t cover all possible Access application permutations. The 2SQL Methodology needs to be understood in order to complete a conversion project for the relatively small number of conversion issues that 2SQL does not address.
  2. Demonstration licences of  2SQL do not include free services. If software support is needed  a software support contract must be purchased from an approved CU2 Global Business Partner or direct from CU2 Global if there is no Partner appropriate for the organisation.
  3. Depending on the usage of the 2SQL Demonstration Software Licence, it may be a condition for the organisation to provide their results, including their Access Database, to CU2 Global or the assigned Business Partner. A Non Disclosure Agreement specifically written for this purpose is available from CU2 Global.
  4. Demonstration software can be obtained for workstation configurations utilising Access 2010/SQL Server 2008R2 and Access 2013/SQL Server 2012. Prior to downloading and activating 2SQL we strongly advise that you read our 2SQL Detective Quick Start Guide and the 2SQL User Guide copies of which are in the ‘Info Store’ on this web site. These will give you very important information on how to set up the 2SQL workstation environment, the pre-requisites and restrictions. They also gives you the detail of the files that you will need to incorporate in any Detective scan so as to achieve a comprehensive analysis of the work effort saved. 
  5. You will need to use Access 2010/Access 2013 to run the 2SQL software that you download depending on the Installer used. Once installed 2SQL is able to handle many different versions of Access databases but 2SQL itself needs Access 2010/2013. There are other pre-requisites that are fully covered in the 2SQL Detective Quick Start Guide, however the key ones include:
    1. 2SQL has been designed to run on Windows 7.0 Professional or higher, 32 or 64 bit with latest service packs. A fully patched Windows XP operating system is also supported, but Windows Vista is not supported. Windows 8 is supported.
    2. 2SQL depends on the NET 4.0 Framework. Ensure that the latest services packs and hot-fixes for this framework are installed.
    3. 2SQL uses the 32 bit version of Microsoft Access 2010/2013 to analyze and process Access databases. Ensure that the 32 bit version of Microsoft Access 2010/2013 is installed with latest service packs and hot fixes. Note: 2SQL does NOT support the 64 bit version of Microsoft Access 2010/2013 which may have been loaded on to your Workstation during the installation of the 64 bit version of Office 2010/2013 for example.
  6. The software can be downloaded utilising the following links : http://www.convertu2.com/downloads/2SQL_Access2010_Installer.exe    or http://www.convertu2.com/downloads/2SQL_Access2013_Installer.exe
  7. Software Support for 2SQL remains free when 2SQL does not function according to specification.