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    ConvertU2 Technologies are the developers of the only 'Silver Bullet' technology for migrating Microsoft Access data and/or applications to Microsoft SQL 2008/2012
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Technology Finance Package

CU2 Global and Technology Fund Management smooth out and consolidate the costs and management of optimisation projects while delivering superior results. Technology Fund Management provides a customised, all-inclusive financial package for services, software solutions and business transformation projects, matching the anticipated scope and duration of a project. This unique offering:

  • Facilitates project approval, preserves cash flow and credit lines, helps match cost outlays with projected benefits and enables self-funding
  • Covers the entire project and all deliverables, software, services and maintenance
  • Integrates all costs and payments in one place
  • Improves budget management with predictable costs and accelerates project and return on investment benefits
  • Access to SQL Server conversion projects too cost prohibitive to consider now become financially viable
  • Mission critical Access databases in need of conversion / migration to SQL Server can be amortised when engaging Technology Fund Management. All 2SQL Software Licences are financeable
  • Finances offered by the world’s largest IT funding facility
  • The only 100% fully financed software project solution in Australia and New Zealand
  • Client friendly finance approval documentation with 24 / 72 hour approval
  • Most government departments are pre approved within Australia

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