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    ConvertU2 Technologies are the developers of the only 'Silver Bullet' technology for migrating Microsoft Access data and/or applications to Microsoft SQL 2008/2012
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2SQL provides Microsoft’s Northwind Application for Proof of Concept Purposes

The Microsoft Access Northwind application is one of several Access database templates provided by Microsoft at no cost to the marketplace to demonstrate the features of Microsoft Access. Over the years, it has also been used by Microsoft and third parties to showcase their own leading edge technologies.

For proof of concept and evaluation purposes, CU2 Global also provides 2SQL with complete functionality whenever Northwind.mdb is selected for processing.

When Northwind is upsized to SQL Server by the 2SQL Genie, it detects and then converts and migrates in excess of 500 conversion issues. Of the 500 issues, 300 of them are outside of the scope of Microsoft’s Upsizing Wizard and SSMA tool.

2SQL converts and migrates them in less than five minutes, which would otherwise take in excess of 80 hours to perform manually. Of course, this would take much longer if the developer had an insufficient knowledge base of the types of issues that can occur, and their permutations.

2SQL is the only technology in the marketplace today that offers such a high level of automation.

Equally important to any conversion project is the methodology by which conversion and migration solutions are applied to conversion issues. 2SQL includes its own methodology which is applied consistently throughout the entire Microsoft Access front end and corresponding SQL Server back end applications. The 2SQL Methodology is explained in the 2SQL Technical Reference Guide (click here to access the CU2 Global Information Store).

2SQL Technology + Methodology = Fully and Completely Converted Applications

This means that by applying the 2SQL Technology and Methodology, you can convert any Microsoft Access Database to a fully functional and complete Microsoft SQL Server Application.

For more information on Applying the 2SQL Technology and Methodology to Microsoft’s Northwind, see the document on this topic in the 2SQL Technical Reference Guide (click here to access the CU2 Global Information Store).

To evaluate 2SQL please click here.