Access Application Conversion and Migration

CU2 Global, its service providers and/or a corporation’s own internal project team are able to conduct a complete Access migration analysis, timeline projection, costing and migration program utilizing 2SQL. The software achieves in the order of a 95% automated conversion rate leaving the remaining 5% to be rectified manually by experienced resources, resulting in a dramatically shortened project timeline, routinely in the order of a 70% - 80% reduction.

The project’s conversion phase is able to be run either in a ‘sand-box’ environment, onsite  utilizing the company’s established development environment, or completely remotely.

The operational Access database and applications are not affected by the conversion process as snap-shots of these are taken at the commencement of the process. The conversion and migrations are conducted on the snap-shots as are the detailed User Acceptance Tests.

On completion of the conversion the 2SQL Deploy feature is used to synchronize the operational Access database with the new SQL Server database. For extended conversion programs the Deploy feature can be used to synchronize the Access and SQL Server databases on a regular basis.

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