Digital Transformation Made Easy 

CU2 Global Distribution provides intuitive, innovative legacy migration and system transformation solutions for your business.As the developer and distributor of global best in breed transformation solutions, CU2 Global delivers elegant solutions to meet the challenge of system legacy modernizing and digital business transformation.

Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation is required when your business applications don’t work as intended, no longer work or simply cannot work as your business changes path or operating platforms are changed or are upgraded.Your legacy applications will require remodeling to return your application to its intended functionality, and investment in innovation to propel your business forward. 

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CU2 Global Distribution

     Digitally transforming 

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 CU2 Global’s portfolio of modernization solutions save your business time, money and addresses your business concerns of the integrity of your mission critical applications.We ensuring that your business is operating in a compliant, scalable and efficient manner.CU2 Global Distribution addresses the question of how and where do I start?

Your Business transformation 

with CU2 Global

Application Legacy Modernization 

Moving your MS Access applications and databases in a drag and drop environment  

Server Modernization 

Secure and upgrade your business server environment

Optimized Object Storage 

Save money, time and reduce complexity of your object storage

Financial Transaction Modernization 

Transition your business with innovative payment solutions & open platform

Last Mile Development 

Got that project that needs that last bit of development. We can help you. 

Transformation Consulting Services 

Consulting services for major projects including government, financial services and logistics

We save your business time and money 

Our portfolio of A.I. and Robotic Learning applications provides a complete solution for 

your business migration and transformation strategy.

With many of our solutions operating in a drag and drop environment, our solutions 

accelerate your transformation process saving you time and money to 

optimize your business outcome.  

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