Melbourne-based company CU2 Global today announced an exclusive partnership with Adelaide data conversion specialist ConvertU2 to bring to market ConvertU2’s 2SQL suite of data conversion technologies.

2SQL solves a major headache for organizations that have developed complex applications in Microsoft Access but now want to take advantage of new-generation business intelligence tools and adopt more flexible, scalable Microsoft solutions.

CU2 Global Vice President of Sales Colin Conway said that today’s organizations need to stay current with on-demand IT systems, but to do so they have to overcome some well-documented limitations in Microsoft Access.

“The paradox of Microsoft Access is that it puts immense power into the hands of users to create new applications, while making it easy to create ‘invisible’ silos of information where productivity and value may be lost,” Conway said.

When organizations want to upgrade, for example to Office365 or Office 2010/13, they can face significant compatibility issues. The answer would be to migrate to the powerful, centralised SQL Server platform, but conversions at the application level are complex and labour-intensive.

“Organizations incur substantial costs and expose knowledge gaps trying to upgrade manually – and often they give up entirely, potentially losing millions of dollars of business value in the process,” Conway said.

“Now they can use 2SQL to complete a Conversion Project that will help preserve their investment in technology and prepare them for the future either on-premise or in the cloud.”

Stephen Koop, CTO of ConvertU2 Technologies, said that database modernization is a common and increasingly compelling issue world-wide.

“Our partnership with CU2 Global gives us the extensive national and international network needed to reach our clients around the globe,” Koop said.


About ConvertU2 Technologies

ConvertU2 Technologies is a globally respected developer of automated data conversion and migration technologies. The company has focused on data and software conversion over the past 20 years, with customers from major banks to utilities to SMEs.  The ConvertU2 2SQL solution suite is considered to be the “silver bullet” for automating the migration of Microsoft Access databases and applications to the SQL Server platform.


About CU2 Global

CU2 Global was founded specifically to market the unique data conversion technology suite developed by ConvertU2. CU2 Global has extensive IT sales and partnership expertise with a proven capacity to develop business and alliance programs and a corporate culture of delivering a successful customer experience.


Colin Conway, Vice President of Sales, CU2 Global; Telephone: +61 427 354 028  Email: