Build your Business with CU2 Global

CU2 Global delivers global best practice in the provision of legacy modernization and business transformation services. As a recognized leader in application migration, CU2 Global and our distribution partner network provides practical, inexpensive and timely solutions for your business transformation needs. 

Application Legacy Modernization 

Our A.I. and Robotic Process Automation engine automatically converts 95%+ of Microsoft Access Application and Database saving you time and money. Any remaining elements of a conversion can be completed via our last mile service. 

Save Money

Save Time 

Your Legacy Applications

Optimize your Object Storage 

Break through the capacity barrier with Cloudian file and object storage. Gain simplicity and one-click data management in your data centre, across sites, around the world, or in the cloud.  Cloudian’s limitless capacity, global data fabric and single management view lets you do more, at less cost, and derive more value from your data.

 CU2 Global is the distributor and partner for Cloudian throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Save Money

Limitless Storage

Empower your cross platform data

Server Migration Made Simple 

Automating Microsoft Server application migrations - globally with zero human interaction.

 Zero documentation or application source is required to instantly migrate server applications with less risk and more control. Zaptz products and services save up to 50% in application migrations, software packaging / software virtualization costs and deployment time. Never research, script, document or configure an application again 

Save Money

Save Time

Limit Your Business Risk

Financial Transaction Modernization 

Open your business to the world of innovative payment solutions for your customers and partners. Save money via cheaper alternatives to mainstream banking payments platforms and international money transfers.CU2 Global can transform your business into the world of payments in a compliant, secure and scalable manner.

Payment Solutions 

Debt Card Issuance

Corporate Payment Solutions

Last Mile Development 

Got a project, last mile migration work that needs some extra program resources. Our experienced team of developers can deliver world class projects to meet your business requirements.CU2 can dial up and down your resourcing requirements in line with your project life cycle.  

Legacy Application Migration 

Purpose Built Applications


Transformation Consulting Services 

Our experienced team and network of advisors have proven capability in the delivery of mission critical projects across multiple geographic regions. Our end to end solutions provide our clients with the confidence that their system infrastructure will meet the current and future needs.Our advisory services include.  

Banking & Financial Services 

Government Projects 

Healthcare & Logistics