Privacy Policies

January 2020: CU2 Global Pty Ltd (ABN 89 095 168 755)

This document describes the Privacy Policy of CU2 Global “CU2”,” the Company”,” our”,”us”, its subsidiary companies collect, store, use and disclose personal data. Data is collected from persons who visit our website or any other communication directly received from CU2. 

This Privacy Policy will describe in detail our practices surrounding: 

-Data Collection and uses of the data 

-Data Location and Retention 

-Data SharingCookies and Tracking Technologies 


-Data Security and Rights 

-Additional Notices 

Your Privacy is important, and CU2 is committed to applying industry best practice regarding the protection of your personal data. We encourage all users of the CU2 service to read our Privacy Policy carefully and make sure you are comfortable and confident in our procedures.It is important to advise you that you are not legally required to provide us with your personal information. Should you not feel comfortable or you simply do not wish to provide your personal information will be at your discretion. An important consideration of such an action will be that CU2 will not be able to provide you with a service. Should this be your decision, we would encourage you to seek an alternative solution and not enter our Site or use our Service.This Privacy Policy forms part of our Terms of Conditions (“T&C”). 

Data Collection 

We collect a broad range of information (personal data) relating to our Users in addition to data of persons visiting our Site. This data is typically automatically or directly from the User, Visitor or from external Third Parties. 

With specific reference to Personal Data, we collect the following information: 

i. When you visit, interact or use our Service we may collect and record personal data. The process in which this data is collected is either from our internal practices or via an independent third party. We may use tracking technologies such as cookies or similar technologies. 

ii. This data consists of aggregate user data such as IP addresses, location, device, recorded activity in connection with our Site and use of our Service. Additionally, engagement with our consultants and help services may also be recorded to ensure quality control and continual business improvement. 

iii. The creation of a personal profile within our Service may require you to provide Personal Data. This includes your name, company plus contact details such as email and phone number and account login details.

iv. When you contact us or provide feedback, reviews or respond to a promotion via the completion of an online form, our site, social media or public forums, data collected may include observations, recommendations or problems you are experiencing in using the Service.

v. We may receive Personal Data from third parties for potential new business opportunities and mutually beneficial outcomes. This information may result from an event, promotion and we may receive Personal Data from the organisers and or online media solutions such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or similar solutions.

vi. Over time, should we integrate our Service with a third party, there is the potential for the integration of Personal data. The Company will contact you should this event occur.

vii. We use data analytics tools to review and collect data on our site and Services. This data is specifically used by us to optimise the user experience of the User and Visitor to our Sites and Services.

Data Uses: 

We want to give the best possible experience when using our Service and to do this, we use your data to provide insight into your experience. We use your Personal Data to perform our Service, to comply with our legal obligations, to continue to develop innovative new solutions for you and our clients and to gain useful insights to make our technologies better. 

 We do not sell your Personal Data.  

For the sake of clarity, we use Personal Data for the following purposes: 

i.To provide our Service; 

ii. To identify our Users and allow them to use our Services; 

iii. To provide a better customer experience via Customer support and assistance; 

iv. To maximise the effect of our marketing and sales campaigns through the use of targeted advertising campaigns; 

v. To followup with expressions of interest from our visitors to our site and communications. This includes any third party marketing events such as shows, social media campaigns; 

vi. Reference feedback and comments in public domains such as blogs or social media platforms; 

vii. To provide aggregated data analytics of all parties engaged by site and Services, and; 

viii. To comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Data Location & Retention 

We store your Personal Data in Australia for as long as sensibly required to meet our business needs, to meet performance and service expectations and to meet our fiduciary obligations. 

Whilst Privacy laws may differ amongst jurisdictions, CU2 is committed to the protection of your Personal Data to the highest global industry standards. 

 When we share data, it may be transferred to countries other than the country you live in. These countries may have laws that vary to yours. The ensure the security of your Private Data, safeguards have been put in place to ensure your Personal Data remains protected.For individuals in the European Economic Area (EEA), this means that your data may be transferred outside of the EEA. Where your data is transferred outside the EEA, it will only be transferred to countries that have been identified as providing adequate protection for EEA data, or to a third party where we have approved transfer mechanisms in place to protect your data – i.e., by entering into the European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses, or by ensuring the entity is Privacy Shield certified (for transfers to US-based third parties). For further information, please contact us using the details set out in the Contact us section below. 

If you have any questions about our data retention policy, please contact us by e-mail at 

Data Sharing 

In adherence to our legal obligations, we may share your data with our service providers and customers to optimise our service offering to our customers. Specifically: 

Legal Compliance: If required by law or under the enforcement of government or legal officials. We may disclose your Personal Data to meet our legal compliance obligations. Such access will only occur should there be legal grounds to do so, it is in the best interest to mitigate or prevent inappropriate behaviours such as fraud or other illegal activity, and it ensures the integrity of our service. 

Service Providers: Third parties are engaged to perform complimentary or non-core activities of our business. These services are broad and varied, ranging from operational functions such as the provision of billing and payment processing, fraud and data optimisation through to continual development via third party email distribution and advertising. 

Third-Party Service Providers may have access to your Personal Data, depending on each of their specific roles and purposes in facilitating and enhancing our Service, and may only use it for such limited purposes as determined in our agreements with them. 

Third-Party Websites and Services: Our Service also includes links to third party websites and integrations with Third Party Services (as defined in the Terms). Such websites and Third Party Services, and any information you process, submit, transmit or otherwise use with such websites and Third Party Services, are governed by such third party’s terms and privacy practices and policies, and not by this Privacy Policy. We encourage you to carefully read the terms and privacy policies of such website and Third-Party Services. 

Sharing your Feedback or Recommendations: If you submit a public review or feedback, note that we may (at our discretion) store and present your review to other users of our Sites and Service (including other Customers). If you wish to remove your public review, please contact us at

Corporate Action: Should the Company undergo a Corporate Action such as a buyout, takeover, merger or a similar event that is likely to have an impact on your Personal Data. We will notify you in this event and provide guidance to the choices available to you and the impact that any Corporate Action will have on your Personal Data. 

Cookies and Tracking Technologies  

CU2 and our Service Providers use cookies and other technologies for performance, tracking, analytics and personalisation purposes. 

Our Sites and Service (including some of our Service Providers) utilise “cookies”, anonymous identifiers, container tags and other technologies in order for us to provide our Service and ensure that it performs properly, to analyse our performance and marketing activities, and to personalise your experience. Such cookies and similar files or tags may also be temporarily placed on your device. Certain cookies and other technologies serve to recall Personal Data, such as an IP address, previously indicated by a User. 


As we continually seek to improve our service and product offering, we may reach out to you via promotional and customer communications for us in the form of an email, social media and phone. 

i. Promotional Communications: If we think there is a better way, a new feature or a special price, we want to tell you. We will do this via the Service or via marketing campaigns to bring the new features or opportunity to your attention.

ii. Customer Communications: From time to time, we want to know what you think of the Service, administration/system updates or other important information that will enhance your user experience. We will do this via the Service or via administration campaigns to bring the new features or opportunity to your attention.

Should you choose not to receive any communications, you may notify CU2 Global at any time by sending an e-mail to, changing your communications preferences in your User Profile settings, or by following the “unsubscribe”, “stop”, “opt-out” or “change e-mail preferences” instructions contained in the promotional communications you receive. 

Data Security 

We adhere to global best practice to secure your Personal Data. 

To protect your Personal Data held with us, we are using industry-standard physical, procedural and technical security measures, including encryption as appropriate. However, please be aware that regardless of any security measures used, we cannot and do not guarantee the absolute protection and security of any Personal Data stored with us or with any third parties. 

Data Subject Rights 

You can access your Personal Data via your accounting settings. 

Should you have a concern, need clarification, or you need to modify any part of your Personal Data you may change via your account settings or by contacting us on  

If you would like to exercise your right to request access, rectify or restrict access to your Personal Data plus contact us on Should you contact us via email, our support team may direct you complete an online form or additional information to authenticate and validate your identity. We will retain this information for audit and legal purposes. 

Third-Party Services 

CU2 reserves the right to update this policy in line with industry best practice and to make any necessary amendments to this policy to reflect any legislative changes. We confirm that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of third-party services, external links and associated websites. We encourage all customers of CU2 to review third party Privacy Policies of external providers. 

Should you have any questions, concerns or complaints surrounding our Privacy Policy, or if you have any concerns regarding your Personal Data held with us, please contact CU2’s support at

Effective date: January 2020