Other Platform & Application Services

CU2 Global is the distributor of best of breed digital transformation solutions that complement our core application migration technology.

CU2's aim is to provide a turnkey solution for our customers digital transformation needs.  Our partners include:     


Gain simplicity and one-click data management in your data center, across sites, around the world, or in the cloud.  Cloudian’s limitless capacity, global data fabric and single management view lets you do more, at less cost, and derive more value from your data. 

Provision IT

We believe that technology has evolved with and through us, and we with and through it. Therefore, we believe that through technology we can change the very nature of what we do and who we are. No problem is too complex to solve.  No challenge too hard. No vision that is too out there.How do we plan to make our vision a reality? Create technologies that enhance and support human-technology coevolution. Our aim and responsibility is to create technology that enables sustainable positive change.


Help4Access is a consultancy organization that specializes in assisting clients with Microsoft Access development, conversion and migration programs.  With over 200 experienced Microsoft Access consultants across the United States, Help4Access provide a full consulting service for your Microsoft Access needs.


The Ispirer range of products enables CU2 Global to offer a wide range of database and application migration and conversion services in addition to our traditional Access to SQL Server capability.

Ispirer specialize in the legacy modernization of Oracle and IBM platforms and provide services on a consulting and online environment.


The Zaptz software program automates application migrations on Microsoft server platforms. Zero documentation or application source is required to migrate server applications with greatly reduced risk and significantly more control. These products and services save up to 50% in application migrations, software packaging / software virtualization costs and deployment time. Users of this program need never research, script, document or configure an application again. 

The Zaptz software suite is equally able to service Citrix based application servers which will be especially attractive in North America where the Citrix market penetration is extensive and growing. Against all expectations their Net New Business continues to grow on an annual basis. 

Sharing our knowledge 

The automation technology is specifically aimed at dramatically reducing the reliance on specialist and high cost resources, and significantly compressing implementation timeframes and overall project costs. We are committed not only to bringing you the best migration services.